Thank you & Happy New Year!

December 31, 2020|Parker Elmore

As we close out 2020, I wanted to take a moment to express a sincere thank you to all of our clients, partners, vendors, employees and everyone else for all their support during the year. I recognize that everyone experienced the year differently with some experiencing great physical, mental & emotional stress while others have found new outlooks & opportunities.

While 2020 had great challenges, I’m excited & hopeful for what 2021 holds. We’ve seen our clients pivot to new business lines, evolve processes and seek out new opportunities. Technology has changed our lives (not always for the positive) to allow us to work remotely and remain connected. The pharmaceutical industry innovated and created highly effective vaccines (over 95% effective) for a new virus in less than a year (the prior record was 4 years for Mumps back in the 1960’s).

We continue to face new challenges in our industry, the country and the World, but as I talk to our clients, partners and others I hear optimism for our future. So again, let me extend a heartfelt thank you for your support during 2020 and wishing you, your families and your communities a very Happy New Year and great health & success in all you do in 2021.


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