Strategy & Analytics

We can help you balance your objectives by calibrating your current mix of resources, capabilities and processes. Our expertise in resource allocation, performance improvement, M&A and divestitures lets us help you plan and execute bold and agile strategic moves.


Identifying the right trends and making big moves to capitalize on them is critical to success, yet many companies passively manage their strategy on a yearly basis with a largely financial review of an overarching budget and miss segment-level opportunities. Odyssey’s expertise and experience help us to improve performance across your existing strategy and find opportunities for growth in new areas, as well as pinpointing areas where you might need to scale back or divest.

Resource Allocation

Highly successful companies consistently and dynamically reallocate their resources. They continually grow through investing in existing businesses, exiting unprofitable ones and developing or acquiring new ones. This helps them to stay resilient through changes and turbulent economic times and these companies are more likely to stay independent and create more value.

Most companies are slow when it comes to moving resources between businesses, choosing to stick to the same processes, resulting in only marginally different year-over-year outcomes. We can help you to design more effective strategic planning and budgeting processes and shake up the status quo that stands in the way of dynamic strategic renewal.

Strategic Management & Planning

It’s challenging to build the skills and capabilities needed to execute strategies and then also reconcile pressure for short-term returns with long-term goals. Odyssey is here to help. We can help you strengthen your strategy-development processes, as well as assisting with solutions to specific issues or designing an entirely new approach to strategic management and planning.

We also can help you decide who should be managing this process. CEOs are ultimately responsible for strategic decisions, but many organizations are turning more and more towards chief strategy officers (CSOs) when it comes to crafting and implementing successful strategies. We can provide guidance on issues unique to CSOs, including the functions they perform, processes for successful planning, and advice on working with the rest of the executive team and the board.