Actual Actuaries

Everyone you’ll meet with at Odyssey Advisors is an actuary, of course. But while we’re a team of math whizzes, we’re also people who understand business. And more importantly, we understand the problems facing people who work in business.

It’s not enough to just look at the numbers.

The world is a big, complicated, constantly changing place that impacts every aspect of your future. An incident on the other side of the world can cause the stock market to plummet; new technology in one sector can create an unforeseen boom in your business tomorrow. The Odyssey Advisors team looks at the whole picture because to plan a secure future, you need an ally who’s on top of it all.

Prepare for any scenario and every risk with Odyssey Advisors at your side.

Your business will evolve, but we’re here to navigate financial risks and challenges confidently.

We never want to be the people sitting across the table from you, pointing out the holes in your plan. We’ll always be on the same side of the table as you, helping you map out the next steps of your journey.

Since 1998, for clients all over the country, our goal has been to make planning the future easier for you. And we’re dedicated to constantly finding new and better ways to do that.