Merger & Acquisitions

How Do You Do Deals To Create Maximum Sustainable Value For Your Business and Its Shareholders?

Odyssey can help you use M&A as a core part of your growth strategy and build a repeatable model fine-tuned through frequent, continuous deal-making, as well as help plan for opportunities long before they arise.

Our M&A due diligence service will guide you every step of the way through a fact-based, unbiased assessment of the key business and risk-management processes and help you ward off deal fever. We can also help you spot synergies the market didn’t catch and get maximum value from the deal, as well as mitigate risks during integration that can undercut anticipated synergies.

When it comes to divestitures, we can help you attain the highest possible return by preparing the asset for sale, running a low-risk carve-out program, and guiding the remaining business into a shape that will let it thrive post-transaction. If a spin-off is the right choice for you, Odyssey can also help develop the thesis to ensure robust planning and set both companies up for success.

We’ll also design and help implement end-to-end solutions for transactional success, from advance-planning to restructuring post-transaction, to boost performance and results in every key M&A-related function.