Employee Compensation Advisory Services


The Current Situation

While much time and attention are focused on executive pay, it is important to focus on reward strategies for the rest of your organization. Are you missing the chance to achieve a greater return on what is likely your single biggest compensation expense — the non-executive employee population?

Odyssey Advisors works with senior executives and human resources professionals from companies of all sizes and types, including not-for-profits, in a variety of industries.

Our consultants’ experience and expertise allow us to create rewards programs to benefit employees at various levels including executive, managers and the general staff. This ensures the creation of integrated compensation programs that align with your organization’s strategy.

The Odyssey Approach

Compensation can ignite your organizational strategy and unlock untapped long-term value. The Odyssey approach is to learn about your unique situation and design a program that meets your needs. We seek to fully understand your organization, strategy, culture and needs. Ultimately, Odyssey strives to balance organization and human resource objectives to help you get closer to meeting your goals.

Odyssey’s Compensation team seeks to design programs that allow you to attract, reward & retain key talent while increasing organizational value. An engagement may be for a single issue as part of a larger project or we may perform a full project – from issue identification & analysis through to implementation & measurement.

Our Services


  • Review the strategy of the organization and leadership
  • Design & implement a total rewards program that aligns with the organizational strategy
  • Review the organization’s philosophy & strategy toward compensation
  • Design, create and implement compensation programs & policies


  • Analyze employee compensation programs and ensure they are competitive
  • Analyze the costs of existing & potential employee compensation programs
  • Review & design compensation programs with a variable component
  • Audit current employee compensation programs


  • Implementation strategy
  • Communication and training strategy
  • Pay guidelines and tools

Odyssey Advisors Customized Solutions

Odyssey Advisors designs programs to meet the unique needs of each organization – no two are alike and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We seek to learn the key issues and strategies that drive your organization to allow us to share customized solutions so that your employee compensation programs support the organizational strategic goals.

Compensation, Organization Strategy & Long-Term Value

Since our inception, Odyssey Advisors has assisted organizations large and small to design & implement reward programs that create a linkage between compensation, performance and long-term value.

Join the many organizations and senior staff who count on Odyssey Advisors to deliver independent, credible & strategic advice. You deserve it and & Odyssey Advisors delivers it.

Need help with your Employee Compensation Advisory Services?

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Why Odyssey?

Odyssey was founded in 1998 by Parker Elmore to bring the skills and tools used by larger employers to the small and middle market.  Our consultants have experience dating to the FASB 106 adoption in the corporate sector in the early 1990’s and work with hundreds of cities, towns, schools, housing authorities and more of varying sizes.  Odyssey’s GASB 45 team comprises health and pension actuaries and consultants who have a thorough understanding of the complex issues relating to GASB 45 and how they impact you and your organization.