Expand Your Service Offerings

By Parker Elmore | October 17, 2013

A TPA can expand your service offerings In the financial planning realm, we work with a great variety of businesses,…

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Boost Participation in 401(k) Plans to Avoid the Dreaded “Rebate” Check

By Parker Elmore | September 25, 2013

A bank error in your favor … a rebate on the purchase of a car … a tax refund from…

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The IRS Identifies Common Mistakes by 401(k) Plans

By Parker Elmore | September 16, 2013

Few things make palms sweat and throats constrict more quickly than when the IRS hands out a list of “mistakes.”…

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Preparing for a Retirement Plan Compliance Audit

By Parker Elmore | September 10, 2013

For some businesses, “audit” can be one of the most feared words in the English language. Fortunately, plan sponsors can…

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The Secret to a Happy Retirement

By Parker Elmore | September 4, 2013

Bobby Layne, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the Detroit Lions, once described the perfect plan for generating an income…

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DB/DC Combo Plans Maximize Contributions to Key Personnel

By Parker Elmore | August 7, 2013

One way to maximize benefits to key personnel and also maximize the key personnel’s share of the company’s total retirement…

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Municipal employees discussing common issues around a conference table

Two Large Issues Municipalities Face

By Parker Elmore | July 18, 2013

Two of the largest issues facing municipalities today are underfunded pensions and unfunded “other” post-employment obligations (“OPEB “). Historically, public…

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