Efficient. Personalized. Accessible.

We believe this is how strong relationships are maintained.

Our team of experts develop and implement solutions to the complex financial issues faced by small and mid-sized employers. With over 25 years of industry experience, President and CEO, Parker Elmore leads a staff dedicated to quality service, expertise, and efficiency.

Solutions, Not Products

Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate service. We create the best solution for each client’s unique situation.

Odyssey makes the design & administration of retirement plans less demanding. You and your clients will be given the highest level of service and customized plans built around their needs.

Custom Plan Designs

Each employer has unique needs which is why we create custom solutions. To ensure that the final plan design meets our clients' current and future needs, we engage in a consultative approach. First, we determine budgets, goals, timeframes, and concerns. Then, we prepare the necessary legal documents and monitor the plan going forward. This allows us to maintain compliance with relevant laws and provide guidance when new opportunities arise. Retirement is a journey – trust us as the guide to financial freedom.


Your client’s financial security is Odyssey’s priority. By working with us, you save time while still maintaining a strong relationship with your client. You can trust Odyssey as an experienced and accessible partner.

Odyssey prides itself on great work, exceptional service, and accessibility. We offer extensive knowledge in traditional pension (DB) plans, new comparability plans, 401(k) plans, money purchase plans, profit-sharing plans, and target benefit plans.

Third Party Administrative Services

With a reputable and trusted staff, you can count on Odyssey. We provide the day-to-day administrative services for your clients’ retirement plans enabling you to focus on plan investments and making the next sale.

What Sets Odyssey Advisors Apart from the rest?

"Parker Elmore's expertise and how easy he is to work with.
The costs are more reasonable than most."