Entry Level Actuarial Consultant


We are recruiting for an Entry Level Actuarial Consultant. This position will afford an immediate opportunity to apply analytical, problem-solving, communication and technology skills contributing to the development of solutions to challenging client issues in our Colchester, CT offices. You will have access to and work under the guidance and mentoring of talented senior level staff and will work as part of a team to deliver consulting services to a broad and diverse range of defined benefit, 401(k) and retiree medical clients. You will be encouraged to engage in continual learning and development activities with the goal to advance and will be supported in pursing progress toward actuarial accreditation through our competitive exam program and policy. If you are seeking a role that offers you the opportunity to consult with clients on complex actuarial and retirement consulting projects, consider a career with Odyssey.


The Entry Level Actuarial Consultant will assist in designing and evaluating employee benefit programs for a wide range of clients, with an emphasis on pension and post-retirement medical and insurance plans. You will also work with client teams to determine the adequacy, funding requirements and financial impact of these plans, and ensure compliance with government regulations and financial accounting standards.

  • Perform actuarial valuations in accordance with IRS regulations and ASC 715-30 & ASC 715-60
  • Review data and asset reconciliations, individual sample cases, and liability results
  • Prepare preliminary results and reports for funding and financial accounting purposes
  • Calculate Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (“PBGC”) annual premiums
  • Prepare and timely deliver government form filings
  • Assist in non-discrimination testing for qualified pension plans
  • Lead and/or participate in employee benefits and retirement consulting projects
  • Exposure to clients on a regular basis
  • Effectively manage clients, projects, and team members to meet client expectations
  • Participate in engagements to broaden overall human resources knowledge
  • Participate in practice development initiatives

In addition, the Actuarial Consultant must work with the Actuary and consultant to ensure effective presentation of results to clients.

Additional Skills are as follows:

  • Initiative – Ability to decide in an independent way what actions should be taken;
  • Effective Communication – Demonstrates the ability to convey thoughts and express ideas effectively, both verbally and written;
  • Team Player – Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect;
  • Time Management – Makes reasonable estimates of resources needed to achieve goals or complete projects. Uses methods to plan and track work and commitments;
  • Continuous Learning – Displays an ongoing commitment to increasing skills;
  • Emotional Intelligence – Consistently exercises sound judgment.



  • A commitment to taking and passing actuarial exams as offered by the Society of Actuaries;
  • An understanding of business & finance;
  • Strong project management skills;
  • Experience with Microsoft® Excel, Access, Power Point and Word.

You Deeply Identify with Odyssey Advisors Values:

  • Efficient & Speedy – you get work done in a fraction of the time as industry peers.
  • Intellectually Curious – you are thoughtful & inquisitive; people enjoy working with you because they learn from you.
  • Mission-Driven & Committed – you are passionate about the company’s purpose and are immensely productive.
  • Team Oriented – you celebrate and take joy in the success of others on the team.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science, Math or Statistics.
  • Internal or external client management experience;
  • Advanced experience with Microsoft® Excel and Access;
  • Knowledge of or working experience with Salesforce;
  • Task management skills; detail orientation and organizational and analytical skills;
  • Understanding of client business issues;
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills; ability to communicate effectively;
  • Ability to work well with other team members;
  • Demonstrate ability to develop relationships within/outside of the Actuarial practice;
  • Must be a US Citizen or have US Work Authorization as we do not sponsor for any Visas.

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