Expand Your Service Offerings

A TPA can expand your service offerings

In the financial planning realm, we work with a great variety of businesses, and each has a unique set of needs and priorities.

For example, a 27 year-old startup business owner with two employees has a foreseeable range of relatively straightforward needs. Compare him to the 56 year-old owner of a mature and stable business that may have over a hundred employees, including various family members. The priorities of two such companies comprise the vast spectrum of retirement planning strategies. It is up to you to steer the ship safely- why not take advantage of partnering with a TPA? They can expand your service offerings by tailoring retirement solutions to all your clients.

A TPA provides you with the ability to offer 401(k)/403(b), defined benefit plans, and non-qualified plans. This allows you to bring customized and creative plan designs to your clients.

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