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OPEB Trust Providers


OPEB Trust Providers

So, you’ve decided to finally take the step and begin pre-funding your Other Postemployment Benefits (“OPEB”) Plan. You’ve heard all about GASB 75, you’ve developed a funding plan and have the outlines of an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) – what now? You need to establish an OPEB Trust and find an investment provider.

What are the OPEB Trust requirements under GASB 74 & GASB 75?

  • Contributions & earnings on contributions are irrevocable
  • OPEB plan assets must be dedicated to providing benefits to OPEB Plan members
  • OPEB plan assets must be legally protected from creditors of employers, plan administrators & plan members

If/when all plan obligations have been satisfied, assets may be returned to the employer/plan sponsor 

Who offers these types of services?

While there are countless providers who can provide such services, the providers we see most frequently are:

Dory Huard
(508) 753-8807

Kathryn Cannie
(844) 540-6732

Margaret Vose
(781) 982-6320

The listing of the providers above does not constitute an endorsement by Odyssey Advisors nor should such listing imply that they have endorsed Odyssey Advisors. Odyssey Advisors has no financial interest in the parties shown above, but rather this list is meant to provide a resource to interested parties.